INTRODUCE TO GALAYRIYA was founded in Feb-2020 by a visionary young man who had talent and passion for a long time in business and tech innovation, the company is now sole partnership but is expecting to expand into corporate business partnership, Mohamed Galayriya, who had long experience about business startup in technology and selling products which he used to bring abroad, he started nearly 7 business startup which he gained a lot of knowledge and experience which finally drove him to start one of his successful business company which is

After 7 months of research in the electronic market, Mohamed founded an idea which he released to be one of his fortune to make difference and create a unique company which sells apple products that idea gave birth to the company which is now the only unique company in Puntland which sells Apple products only.


At that time, there was no single shop or company which sells apple products and I apprehended  there is a big business opportunity to make a huge profit, Mohamed not only he make research in Garowe, Hargaysa and Mogadisho but also he contacted all his family and friends who used to stay in UAE, EU, China and Uganda, he requested them to check the availability of apple products in their area and their price catalog, when he gained enough information, he ordered some sample of his new business idea from Uganda and then started to sell his newest friend, later when he tested the quality and realized the huge demand in the market, Mohamed  decided to start his new business, at that time with less than $8000 and was difficult him to open a shop, but he then came up and idea which is to have an agreement with an existing shop and request the owner to sell Apple products and get commission,

The owner accepted my request and view month later the owner had seriously impacted the coronavirus and he nearly to become bankrupt  he requested me to give him  a loan in order to repair the shop together and in turn give me legally a half ownership of the shop and I accepted but though my company was growing very fast and making huge profit

in the first year of my new business we have secured 150% of growth profit which was beyond my expectation and it has paved the way to become one of emerging tech giant for the coming years inshallah, the company is also expecting next year to make huge growth up to 200% growth profit.


Our mission is deep in to serve our customer and act as the sprit to serve them by offering them high quality products with reasonable prices, to sell the most high-quality mobile phones and laptops which are manufactured by the biggest tech factories in the world like apple, Samsung, oppo, one plus, Huawei, Google pixel


·        To be one of the giant electronic and tech company in Puntland which sells all kinds of electronics and tech products.

·        To open offices in bigger cities in Puntland and make simply customers to reach our offices.

To bring more high quality and well-known world-wide Class mobile manufacturers in our country like OPPO/ OnePlus/ Huawei Google Pixel// etc.

To bring all kinds of renewed laptops to the country and make sure our customers get a high-quality laptop with the most possible price.

Now, the previous owner of the shop is among my employee whom I pay him every month hundreds of dollars and among 4 others who work with my company indirectly, the idea behind the company was to bring one of the largest and highly quality mobile tech company (APPLE) to the country and make easy iPhone users to get their Dream mobiles with the highly quality standard.
The company also offers his customer in trade service which is to receive their old mobiles and in turn give new iPhone mobiles and by adding them an extra money.
The company is the first of its kind in Puntland which offers to its customers 3-month warranty of all mobile products which they buy from, and in turn company take from the customers warranty charges based on the how many months of warranties they need.
Galleriya has mass customers which is beyond our location, we reach through social media especially Facebook/ Instagram/ tiktok/ WhatsApp/ telegram/ the company has view social media pages which its followers are estimated to be nearly 50,000 customers, our customers are men and women who are seeking to have high-quality mobile phones with an additional international standard service like getting warranties and in trade services.
The companies’ customers is dramatically increasing day after day, we stated to ship our products to Somaliland/ Puntland/ South Somalia and view regional and international countries like Ethiopia, Djibouti, Kenya, Uganda and turkey.